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As long as it’s meetings with customers, we got you covered:
  • For meetings with random website visitors or long recurring clients.
  • For on-demand meetings or scheduled.
  • For group meetings or 1x1s,  free or paid.
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The fastest way to talk and convert website visitors

The old way
You invest marketing $$$  to bring customers  to your website. They leave info and schedule meetings but when you meet, usually a few days later, they're already dead-cold. Sometimes even lost to competition.
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With Consolto
Video chat with website visitors and customers when their interest is at its peak. Win your customers with your personalized service when they're warm.
No downloads, no installations.
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One simple tool to operate customer meetings

The old way
You use too many tools to launch your customer meeting: Calendly, Zoom, live-chat, money transfer, CRM, AI Bots...
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With Consolto
End-to-end customer-meeting operations - from booking the meeting through collecting money  and launching the 1x1 or group conference. One tool. One streamlined flow. No downloads, no installations.
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Make meeting data organized and actionable

The old way
Meeting recordings in the cloud, files in the drive, chats in live-chat… If there was a way to have all customer data and interactions in one place...
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With Consolto
Rich live-chat communication center with all customer-data analyzed and organized at your fingertips
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13-clicks to start a webcall with a website visitor with the competition
2-clicks (accept & enable camera) with Consolto, and the meeting starts.
50% context data is lost when the data is spread over multiple tools
100% data is available and clear insights are gained by using one tool.
Paying for Zoom, Calendly, Zapier and a CRM or live-chat solution could easily get to an expensive package.
Consolto's all-in-one reduces the complexity and at 75% reduced cost!
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For teams that meet customers for

Increase complex sales
If your product is hard to sell, by directly meeting clients you will increase trust and sales.
Reduce cart abandonment
Cart abandonment goes as high as 80%. This means only 20% goes to your team. Decrease abandment with Consolto.
Apple & B&H added Live Sales Specialists
If they did it, there’s probably something in it. Join the remote sales revolution today.
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More meetings. Higher revenue.
Simple and streamlined meeting operations effectively means more meetings.
More organized. More outcome.
One place with all client messages, recordings, files and your personal notes.
Easy money transfer
Charge when meetings are booked or during chats and calls.
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Demonstrate your product or service with live video and screen-sharing. Increase clarity.
It’s one thing to ask a client what he sees. It’s another thing to see it yourself.
Schedule with ease
Make it super easy to schedule onboarding calls. At Consolto, we use this all the time!
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Quickly resolve
Speed up issue-resolution and dump those endless email threads. Get to the point. Fast.
Be there with them
Customers use their mobile cams and desktops. Seeing the issue is half way to solving it.
Keep track
Maintain all customer history at your fingertips including calls, messages, files...
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Using Zoom or Calendly for customer meetings?

Booking meetings and launching them should be one.
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Highlighted FEATURES

Stop paying for fractured tools.
Opt for a unified solution

Personal customer communication, made simple
Web conferencing
HD Video chat for 1x1 and group meetings, with 2-way screen sharing, cloud recordings, blur effects and full control over your customer meetings.
Appointment scheduling
2-way appointment scheduling, allowing both you and your clients to book times that work best.
Live chat & Rich messaging
Engage in real-time with live chat, images, voice-recordings, file-transfer, notes and lots more...
Money transfer
Securely receive payments directly before and during your meetings.
Social Messaging links
Let customers reach out to you on their favorite messaging platforms like whatsapp and messenger.
Contact forms
Make it easy to connect and follow up by capturing essential information from your visitors with customizable contact forms.
All Features

Say hello to super convenient video conferencing

A 60-second flow will turn your website into your virtual office.
Register to Consolto. Copy-paste the Consolto script on your website. Start receiving instant calls, chats and appointment requests. It's that simple.
Your clients land on your website or your dedicated Consolto ClickNtalk
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Your dedicated communication page, your ClickN'Talk page, is your
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In the online space, opportunities arrive at all hours of the day, and night. Consolto instantly redirects customers to your calendar when they try to communicate...
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