Video chat software for  insurance teams

Get video-meetings booked and launched seamlessly. Simply share-screen to increase clarity and sell more policies.
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Increase productivity

Clarify insurance policies

Take your insurance sales operations into the digital era! Consolto simplifies the way you engage with clients remotely. Through seamless and streamlined video consultations and real-time chat, you can have personal, clear discussions about policies and answer client questions on the spot, making insurance feel more accessible and understandable to everyone.
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Increase satisfaction

Simplify claims processing

Handling claims becomes smoother with Consolto's document sharing and video call features. Clients can easily submit necessary documents and partake in video assessments, speeding up the claims process and enhancing customer satisfaction.
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Live video chat for insurance works!

90% of customers prefer settling claims via video chat.
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Save time

Wish you had more days in a week?

Video calls reduce time for approving claims from days to minutes

Provide customer support from anywhere and at anytime

Let your clients feel the vip experience by giving them a personal, permanent link so that they can reach out to you instantly via video and audio calls straight from your email signatures and any other networks. Set up each agent with a dedicated personal page so that clients can reach them at the click of a button. Send customers agents’ custom links so that they can easily schedule appointments, start video calls or live messaging in just one click. No downloads or login required.
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Risk Assessment

Conducting risk assessments is more efficient than ever. Use Consolto's booking and video conferencing features to evaluate properties remotely, reducing the need for physical visits and making the process faster and more convenient for both your team and your clients.
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Best-use cases

Top 4 ways insurance agents and brokers use Consolto to increase customers’ engagement & sales

Save time by quickly filing claims, offer status updates and handle settlements in a productivity-focused video chat environment
Life insurance: agents instantly resolve client questions for coverage, costs, advantages and other faqs.
Health insurance: work together with experts and source relevant medical professionals that are covered by their network
Provide personalized experiences and simplify paperwork with screen sharing

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