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If you and your team spend much time on email ping-pong in your customer service, you are losing time. Consolto's video meetings are designed to help you launch customer meetings easily so you could focus on solving your customers' issues. Bringing your experts and your customers together for short-yet-effective meetings will not only save your team much time, but will also help you close more issues.
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Increased Satisfaction

Customer onboarding, on steroids

When onboarding customers on your product there's nothing like real-time, bidirectional communication. Guide them through your product and get to know their thoughts and use-cases. Learn from watching their screens and cameras like being in the room with them. The clarity and focus will not only satisfy your customers but will also benefit your team with more insightful customer interactions.

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Personal customer communication, made simple
Website video-chat widget
Let customers call you via 1-click HD video chat,  directly from your website to increase close issus faster. No downloads, no installations.
Booking widget
Get service-meetings booked with an appointment scheduling widget on your website, and auto-reminders.
Click'NTalk page
Make your customer-service team accessible via their dedicated omni-channel communication links. Great as an email signature link!
2-way screen sharing
Present and show your product in real-time. Watch and learn from customers' camera and screen streams. Increase clarity to expedite issue resolution.
Cloud recording
Study past issue-resolution-cycles and improve your team's flows by analyzing meeting recordings.
Rich live-chat
Enjoy rich live messaging directly from your website, with audio-messages, file-and-image transfer, forms an much more!
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