Consolto for Medical Practitioners
Provide High Quality Health Services, Remotely
all-in-one video chat platform
Transform your website into a full-featured virtual office with Consolto’s live video chat solution for medical practitioners. Consolto’s all-in-one video chat platform delivers everything you need to deliver medical services over video chat, no additional software required!
Sometimes they’ve got to see it with their own eyes before they buy. Show your customers everything you’ve got on offer with live demonstrations via live, high-quality video chat.
your productivity stays at top levels
Treat patients and take notes over live video chat, or live chat. Simplify coordinating meetings with Consolto’s self-service scheduling embedded right into your website. Take notes during your interactions and save them in your very own mini-CRM. Send and receive files during your video conference so that your productivity stays at top levels.
68% of customers more likely to buy from a business that offers convenient communication
75% of consumers prefer face to face interaction
video calls with clients are up to 30% shorter
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