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Remote client consultations

Today’s consumers want a digital experience. Take your law business online with high quality video chat and live chat. Set up a personal page to send to your clients or leads so that they can click into a video chat with you from anywhere. Securely send and receive important files and record and archive all of your meetings.
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2-way scheduling

Never miss a meeting

Consolto's two-way scheduling offers lawyers a streamlined way to arrange consultations and meetings, directly integrating with their website or through dedicated booking pages. This tool enhances convenience for both lawyers and their clients by allowing appointments to be booked based on real-time availability, ensuring efficient time management and reducing the likelihood of scheduling conflicts. This feature is particularly beneficial for managing a busy legal practice, enabling lawyers to focus more on their cases and less on administrative tasks.

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Client portal and backoffice management

Consolto's document transfer feature allows lawyers to securely exchange files, enhancing client communication by keeping chats, messages, and call recordings alongside the customer profile. This centralized documentation, combined with HIPAA compliance, ensures that sensitive information is managed with the utmost confidentiality and security, streamlining case management and client interactions.
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Top use cases

Top 4 ways lawyers use Consolto to for client-communication

Remote client consultations: conduct confidential meetings via secure HD video calls.
Secure document sharing: exchange sensitive case files and documents safely.
Efficient meeting scheduling: arrange client meetings and legal consultations with ease.
Secure payment processing: easily handle consultation fees and payments within the platform.

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