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Convert complex sales

Meet customers when their intent is high

If you invest loads of marketing dollars $$$ and wish for high website conversions, You're at the right place. Sometimes it's hard to sell with website content and bots. With complex products and services, customers have deeper questions and they don't trust you... yet. Some sellers try to schedule meetings with customers but even if these meetings happen, it's a few days later and by that time, customer chilled and maybe even already purchased on a competitor website.
The good news is that at Consolto, we developed a magical solution that skips all these steps. Video and audio meetings will happen instantly, directly from your website at a click of a button, when your customer's intent is at its peak! And if you and your team are not available - customers will be redirected to schedule a meeting so you don't lose the lead.
Get ready to skyrocket sales!

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Speedup sales cycles

The shortest journey from website visit to sale

If your sales cycle starts with capturing customer information, qualifying them, scheduling a meeting and selling, you are wasting a huge amount of energy. What if you could just launch a meeting from your website and if qualified, redirect the customer to the most relevant sales professional from your team? Eliminate no-shows, get all questions answered on the spot. Get that deal closed. That's what Consolto is about.

Simply Meet Customers Online

Try these demo buttons and engage with our team the same way your customers will engage with you:
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Personal customer communication, made simple
Website video-chat widget
Let customers call you via 1-click HD video chat,  directly from your website to increase sales or qualify leads. No downloads, no installations.
Booking widget
Get sales meetings booked with an appointment scheduling widget on your website, and auto-reminders.
Click'NTalk page
Make agents accessible via their dedicated omni-channel communication links. Great as an email signature link!
2-way screen sharing
Present and show your product in real-time. Increase clarity to drive more sales.
Customer analytics
Learn how your customers behave on your website to improve their journey and drive more sales.
When selling physical products, use Consolto's unique 3D-Sense to increase engagement and clarity.
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Sales psychology

Top 6 psychological mechanisms that drive more sales with Consolto

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Complexity and vagueness reduce sales. Increase clarity by showing and answering their questions.
Lack of trust reduces sales. Increase trust and confidence with personal video meetings.
Accessibility increases sales. Be there when they have questions and want to consult.
Customers' interest fluctuates. Capitalize on peak interest.
Urgency and commitment - unlike text messaging, in meetings customers are committed.
Personal and warm interactions drive sales. Make remote like in-store.

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