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Calendar integration

2-way calendar integration

Consolto's 2-way Google Calendar sync ensures smooth integration, allowing meetings scheduled in Consolto to appear in Google Calendar and vice versa. This dynamic, real-time updating feature facilitates effortless coordination, improved accessibility, and eliminates the risk of double-booking
Customer data

Zapier and Webhooks

Through Zapier and webhooks, maintain your current toolkit seamlessly. Consolto seamlessly transfers essential data to your preferred systems (such as Hubspot, Highlevel, Freshdesk, pipedrive, Firmao and more...), allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted video chats, appointment scheduling, and live chats. Meanwhile, all data is securely stored in your systems, complemented by Consolto's user-friendly back office.
Connects with your own customer management system

Charge customers
with Stripe & PayPal

Simplify your billing process with seamless Stripe and PayPal integrations, allowing you to monetize calls and chats effortlessly. You decide the rates; we manage the transactions smoothly for you.
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Google analytics and web API

Effortlessly link with Google Analytics to unlock instant insights into customer interactions on the Consolto widget. Unlike many solutions where website widgets remain unseen by marketers due to their iframe design, Consolto bridges this gap. By integrating widget activities with your website analytics, you gain a clear view of customer engagements, empowering you to learn more and market smarter.

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