Google Tag Manager Installation

To install Consolto with Google Tag Manager: 

Step 1:

Log in to your Consolto Backoffice and make sure your availability is set to "Available".

Step 2:

Copy the script found in the installation tab:

You can either paste the code at the end of the <body> tag or use Google Tag Manager.

Step 3 :

Open your Google Tag Manager -

Please note that you must have Google Tag Manager installed on your website. If you don't, please follow these instructions here.

On the Workspace click on the ‘New’ button to add a new tag.

Consolto - Google tag manager
Open google tag manager and add new TAG

Step 4:

Click on tag configuration and then on custom HTML Tag.

Consolto add installation script

Step 5:

Paste the Consolto code from your dashboard to the box below:

Consolto - Save TAG

Paste the code

Step 6: 

Enable document.write

Step 7:

On the triggering section, set up the pages where you want Consolto installed.

Consolto - Add trigger

Click on triggering to set the pages.

Publish the tag by clicking submit

Consolto - Publish tag

You should now see Consolto on your website :)