Manage chats/ calls in Consolto chat center

Consolto’s Chat Center is where you manage your calls/chats with your clients.

All client interactions history is saved in the system and can be accessed from this tab.

Site visitors:

The left panel on the Chat Center is called "Site Visitors". In this panel you will see your active site visitors, session time per visitor, page views and last activity.

  • Guest: This column displays the guest name. First time visitors receive a system ID that is displayed in the guest column. Following your first interaction with a guest, you’ll be able to see their name in the guest column. To make this happen either: manually fill in their details in the relevant section, or they'll do it themselves by filling out the pre-call form.
  • Turn on pre-call form. More info in this article.

TOS (time on session): This column shows you the total amount of time of your visitor’s had your site open on their browser in their last session.

PV (page views): The number of pages the user visited on your website where the Consolto plugin was installed.

Activity: Last activity with the user (text, video call...).

Visitor's Status (right side):

Not on site: Your visitor is offline

On site: Your user is online and you can reach out with the active engager.

Background: The customer has your website open on their device but they are browsing another tab.


All chats are saved in the system.

Chat actions :

Video: You can start a video call with an online user (Active engager).

Payment: Send payment request, see instructions here.

Schedule: Send meeting request to an online visitor. More info here.

Share: Share your screen. More info here.

3D: Show off your products with visitors using 3D technology.

Note: Summarize your call and add notes.

File : Send files to your visitors by clicking on the share button or simply dragging and dropping files. More info here.

Info section:

Quickly access visitor details in the info section.

Profile: Edit your client’s profile name and send their details to your CRM via Zapier.

Info: See the date and time of your first and last interaction with the client.

Description: Add a description about your client. The description is private.