Getting Started
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Your first Consolto Plugin video-conference call

Starting a call from your website or personal page - it couldn't be more simple. But... before we start - let's make sure we have everything we need in place: 


1. Computer / Tablet / Mobile phone with a camera. Preferably two devices. 

2. Stable and reliable internet. 



1. Register to Consolto

2. If you will use the Consolto plugin on your website, make sure it's installed on your website first. You can find installation instructions here. If you intend to use the Consolto-Personal-Page, continue here: PERSONAL PAGE

3. Open two browser tabs: 

4. One will serve the person who provides support (agent / consultant / supporter.. etc) - Consolto Dashbaord

5. One will serve clients on your website. Simply open YOUR website (where you've installed the Consolto plugin)

6. On the dashboard side, make sure your "Availability" is set to "Available" (green):


7. On your website, open the Consolto Plugin (bottom right)


8. Hit the Yellow video icon to see the Call-menu

9. Hit the "Let's talk" button to start the call

10. A few moments later, you will notice a call request on the Consolto dashbaord: 


11. Answer the call by hitting the green button. 

12. You will most probably be requested to approve the camera on BOTH tabs. Approve them both. 

13. That's it... you're connected :)

If things didn't work as expected, please refer to our video-call troubleshooting section