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Overview Tab

The Overview tab is designed to help you get an instant snapshot of your performance and to bring to your attention important items.

The left side of the overview tab provides statistics while the right side shows action items waiting for you to take care of.

We'll start with the statistics area. It is build of four quadrants: 

Daily visits

Choose the time range out of: today, this week (starting Sunday), last 7 days, this month, past 30 days and all-time (since you and Consolto had your first blind date :) 

Daily visits (also known as page-views) refer to the amount of times that site-visitors loaded pages on your website where the Consolto plugin was present (not necessarily visible).

The daily interactions conclude the amount of interactions that clients started with you using Consolto during the defined time-range. Among these interactions: 

  1. Text-chats. Only when text chats start (not on every chat message).
  2. Video-calls - every video-call is counted.
  3. Schedule appointments - upon submitting an appointment request.
  4. Whatsapp - upon hitting the whatsapp button
  5. Facebook - upon hitting the facebook messenger button
  6. Inbox message - upon submitting a message in the contact form
  7. Phone - upon showing the phone number


Text chats are a great way to communicate with your clients. It's important to respond them as they come otherwise you might miss the opportunity communicate with your client.

The total amount of chats includes the total amount of chat sessions that were started during the defined time-range. Part of those chats were responded by you and the rest were unattended. The success rate is measured by the ratio of the amount of the responded chats as a fraction of the total chat sessions.

Video calls

Eventually, video-calls are at the heart of the Consolto platform.

Videocalls could be accepted, rejected or simply un-answered.

The amount of video-calls initiated by your clients is the total height of the bars. The calls that were successfully accepted are in dark-blue.

Conversion statistics

Your clients can communicate with you over text-chat, video-calls, inbox-messages, facebook-messenger, whatsapp, phone and schedule meetings with you.

The total amount of conversions is stated at the top and summarises all the conversions for a specific time-range.

Every one of these actions is counted and presented separately on this chart: 

The right side of the overview page contains actionable items.

The schedule points to your schedule tab on Consolto.

The voice messages refer to the voice messages that were left by clients and were not read / heard by you yet.

The unread messages are the text messages that were left by clients and haven't been shown to you yet.

Summary -

The overview page is meant to help you improve your communication with your clients. Examine these stats every once in a while and put targets to your success performance.