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Sending user-data from ClickNTalk link



You give your users direct links to your ClickNTalk page where you want them to interact with you the easiest way possible.

You already have your users' information and want it to pass automatically such that when the user lands on your clickntalk page, your backoffice will have this info available.

Guess what? We have a solution for you!

The Consolto ClickNTalk page can receive the user;s info directly from the link: 

  • First name - cFirstName (required)
  • Last name - cLastName (optional)
  • Email - cEmail (required)
  • Phone number - cPhone (optional)
  • cMessage - cMessage (optional) - some text without spaces and is URL friendly.

These details will show as a contact-form on the customer feed in the backoffice.

The customer can use this link over and over again and will be resent in the following cases: 

1. First time loading this link

2. if the customer uses different devices

3. The information changes



This feature can be used in conjunction with the direct action links described here.