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Meet customers when their intent is high

For SaaS and tech companies investing heavily in marketing for high website conversions, the challenge often lies in selling complex products where customers have in-depth questions and seek trust. Traditional methods like scheduled meetings can delay engagement, risking lost leads to competitors. The good news is that at Consolto, we developed a magical solution that skips all these steps. Video and audio meetings will happen instantly, directly from your website at a click of a button, when your customer's intent is at its peak! If unavailable, leads are prompted to schedule with Consolto's scheduling-system, ensuring you don't miss the opportunity.
Get ready to skyrocket sales!

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Speedup sales cycles

The shortest journey from website visit to sale

If your sales cycle starts with capturing customer information, qualifying them, scheduling a meeting and selling, you are wasting a huge amount of energy. What if you could just launch a meeting from your website and if qualified, redirect the customer to the most relevant sales professional from your team? Eliminate no-shows, get all questions answered on the spot. Get that deal closed. That's what Consolto is about.

Simply Meet Customers Online

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Seamless customer calls

Get meetings booked and launched seamlessly

Consolto's scheduling feature not only simplifies booking discovery and sales meetings but also integrates reminders and video conferencing for a seamless experience. Additionally, all chats are saved with the customer's profile, ensuring a comprehensive record of interactions and details for future reference, enhancing the overall communication and efficiency of the process.
Get ready to skyrocket sales!

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Wow effect

Boost product sales with Consolto's 3D-Sense

Leverage Consolto's unique technology to gain an edge over the competition! Consolto’s powerful, unique 3D feature injects powerful new capabilities into your remote selling operation. Using 3D-sense, an exclusive to Consolto, you can simplify the complexities involved with selling your hardware product online. 3D brings devices to life, as your agents zoom in and out to highlight the important idiosyncrasies and details that make your products unique.

Using Zoom or Calendly for customer meetings?

Booking meetings and launching them should be one.
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Built for customer meetings

Top 4 KPIs you'll win with Consolto

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Increase sales: complexity reduces sales. Increase clarity by showing and answering customer questions.
Increase website conversion: Increase visit-to-meeting ratio with instant website calls.
Accessibility increases sales and customer-satisfaction. Be there when they have questions and want to consult.
Increase discovery and feedback: there's nothing like talking with customers to know them better.

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