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Consolto's website widget is like a Swiss Army knife for your business' website. It packs everything you need to talk to clients, all in one spot. Think live chat, video calls, booking software, contact forms, whatsapp and messenger links and more. Now imagine all this goodness without jumping between apps. It's super easy to match with your brand look, making your site not just smart but also snazzy. It's all about making things smoother for you and your clients, leading to better chats, more deals, and happy faces all around
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One website widget.
Multiple communication capabilities.

Personal customer communication, made simple
Web conferencing
Let customers call you via 1-click HD video chat for 1x1 and group meetings, directly from your website. No downloads, no installations
Booking widget
Appointment scheduling widget on your website, allowing your clients to book times that work best.
Live chat & Rich messaging
Engage in real-time with live chat, drag&drop files and image transfer, voice-messages, emoji's and automated messages.
Money transfer
Securely receive payments directly before and during your meetings and chats.
Social Messaging links
Let customers reach out to you on their favorite messaging platforms like whatsapp and messenger with website links.
Contact forms
Make it easy to connect and follow up by capturing essential information from your web visitors with customizable contact forms.
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Meet the Consolto widget!

Uniquely triggered from your website with an API.  
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Noteworthy capabilities

A widget designed for personalization

Branding and customization

The Consolto widget allows for deep customization to align with your brand. Tailor colors, add your logo, and customize messages to create a seamless extension of your website, ensuring a consistent and professional brand experience for every visitor.
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Multi-agent scalability

Designed for personal connections, Consolto's multi-agent widget uniquely enhances the personal touch in customer interactions by offering a choice of agents, unlike traditional live-chat solutions where the personal connection may be less tangible. This feature is particularly valuable in the context of video conferencing, where seeing and choosing an agent adds a layer of personalization and comfort, making the experience more engaging and trust-building than anonymous text-based chats. The widget can accommodate an unlimited number of agents, making it an ideal solution for businesses of any size, from small teams to large enterprises, ensuring that as your business grows, your ability to maintain high-quality, personalized customer service remains uninterrupted.
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Website API & analytics

Consolto's website API capabilities take widget integration to the next level by allowing for programmatic control over widget actions. This means your website can dynamically trigger widget functionalities, enhancing user experience and engagement. Additionally, the widget is designed to communicate back to the hosting website, providing valuable event data. This two-way communication is a game-changer for marketers, as it pierces through the usual limitations of iframe-embedded widgets, offering insights into widget engagement directly within Google Analytics. This visibility into user interactions with the widget opens up new avenues for optimizing engagement strategies and understanding customer behavior more deeply.
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