Voice Message Inbox
Communicate more effectively with your clients and partners using voice messages
Make sure you’re set up to offer the communication channels that your clientele prefers using.  Send and receive voice messages directly on your Consolto platform. Clients and partners can choose to send a voice message instead of live chatting. All messages are saved in a dedicated Voice Message Inbox that’s automatically associated with the individual you’re communicating with in the CRM. 
Voice message communication
Deliver a streamlined communication experience and get the message across faster and more conveniently by sending voice messages. Cut down on time and give your fingers a break by sending voice messages over live chat
Safe and secure
Voice messages -- both those that you send and those that you receive -- are automatically saved to the cloud and associated with the sender in the Consolto CRM. Conveniently access them at any time by clicking on the voice message in the customer card.
68% of customers more likely to buy from a business that offers convenient communication
75% of consumers prefer face to face interaction
video calls with clients are up to 30% shorter
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