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General website installation instructions

To install Consolto on wordrpress: 

Pre-installation requirements: 

1. Register to consolto at

2. Make sure you have access to your website's admin panel. You should be able to edit the HTML or embed a script on your website. 


Installation steps: 

 1. After registration, go to the "Widget Center" tab and look for the Installation code: 

2. Copy the script by hitting the "Copy" button. The copied script should look something like this: 

<script id="et-iframe" data-version="0.5" data-widgetid="5asdfsfaq43afgd41esdfafa119casdf3" src=""></script>


3. Paste the script in either the <head> or the </head><body> of your website. We recommend placing it the <head></head></body>

4. Check out your website and verify that everything's working properly :)


If something didn't work - please go to our general troubleshooting section