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Install Consolto video chat on any platform

To install Consolto on any platform: 

Step 1:

Login to your Consolto Backoffice and make sure you're availability is set to "Available".

Step 2:

IMPORTANT - There are two separate scripts - one for multiple agents and one for single-agents.

The multi-agent-widget is available in accounts with more than one agent and its script can be taken from the account-center.

For the single-agent widget, copy the script from the Widget Center.

You can paste the code at the end of the <body> tag or use Google Tag Manager.

Step 3 :

Open your Google Tag Manager -

(You must have tag manager installed on your website If you don't have please follow these instructions here)

On workspace area click on new in order to add a new tag

Step 4:

Click on tag configuration and choose custom HTML tag

Step 5:

Paste the Consolto code from your dashboard to the box below

Paste the code

Step 6:

On the triggering section you will be able to set the pages where Consolto will be installed on

Click on triggering to set the pages