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Get a bird’s eye view of your website’s performance and track important business metrics to make informed decisions and drive growth
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Real-Time Dashboards

The numbers never lie.

Visualize customer engagement metrics in real-time to monitor performance and identify trends. Instantly access important usage stats like session time, page views and last page visited. Leverage data to understand which products or services make customers fingers’ go click-crazy!
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Engagement Reports

Take a look under the hood

Skillfully manage your online business with access to critical business metrics that show you how you’re performing. See how your different agents are stacking up and get a better understanding into how your customers interact with your website and its content. Benefit from real-time updates on who’s visiting your website to understand their interests and behavior patterns.

Visitor Interests

By analyzing all these metrics together, you will gain a comprehensive view of your customers' journey, from initial interest to active engagement
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Engagement Insights

Top 4 insights that will drive your growth

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Website visits and engagements
Responded calls vs. non-attended calls
Website journey (visited pages) per customer
Engagement per channel

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