Group meetings

1x1 meetings are nice. In some cases, decisions are made by more than two people. This is where group meetings come handy.
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73% of customers say they’re more likely to make critical decisions, when with the people they trust.
Invitation ease

1-click invitation process

While on a call, super important to make sure your focus is at its highest and no distractions. That's why inviting another person to the meeting should be as simple and easy as possible. Consolto's 1-click invitation process makes it seamless to get more people on the call.
Group coordination

Group scheduling

While you can always invite attendees during the meeting, with Consolto, you can streamline your meeting setup by adding attendees to the appointment invitations in advance. This ensures that when the meeting time arrives, everyone is already in sync and can join effortlessly. No need to manage invites during the meeting; get everyone aligned and ready to go from the start for a smoother, more efficient gathering.
Innovative group meeting

Top 5 benefits of group conferencing in customer meetings

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Group-interactive-dynamics lead to higher engagement and effectiveness
Saves significant time and resources, boosting productivity
Fosters creativity and deepens understanding of all customer needs
Drives rapid, collective decision-making with immediate feedback for better decisions.
Quick resolutions and consensus through on-the-spot discussions

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