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Provide collaborative educational planning with live video chat directly from your website.
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Admissions Consulting

Offer personalized guidance to prospective students

For academic institutions, Consolto facilitates seamless admissions consulting, virtual campus tours, and career guidance through features like HD video chat for clear, face-to-face discussions, screen sharing to present documents and resources, and rich live-chat for instant communication. The ClickNTalk page and website-widget simplify direct engagement, while scheduling ensures appointments are easily set. Image and file transfer capabilities enhance the sharing of important materials, making these processes more interactive and informative for prospective students.Consolto's integrated expert-directory will elevate your website dynamics and turn it into a virtual office with live-meeting capabilities, as well as booking software, live chat and even invoicing.
Meet your patients' demand for innovative, personalized experiences and exceed their expectations with live, high-quality remote meeting capabilities, right from your website. No installations or downloads will be required.
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Enhanced Guidance

Tutoring transformed

Enhance your institute's tutoring services with Consolto's suite of tools, including crystal-clear HD video chats for engaging lessons, screen sharing for collaborative learning, and convenient two-way scheduling. Cloud-call recordings offer a valuable review tool, while live chat ensures immediate communication, elevating the educational experience for both tutors and students.
Increase Conversions

Boost admissions rates

To enhance your institution's admissions rates, leverage Consolto's website widget equipped with multi-agent capabilities, allowing various experts to interact with prospective students. Utilize live chat for real-time, tailored conversations and integrated scheduling for setting up detailed consultations. The active engager draws visitors in, increasing the chances of turning inquiries into actual student enrollments, effectively streamlining the admissions process and making it more dynamic and engaging.
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Simply Meet Students Online

Make your team accessible to students online. Your campus could go beyond its physical boundaries.
The magic

Top 5 ways colleges and schools use Consolto to increase students' engagement & admissions

Boosting admissions rates: engaging prospective students effectively to convert inquiries into enrollments.
Personalized tutoring: offering individualized academic support via video chats.
Dedicated student support: Leveraging chat and video for real-time academic and personal support.
Virtual admissions counseling: facilitate one-on-one guidance sessions with prospective students.
Career guidance sessions: facilitating personalized career planning meetings.

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