Get paid for online sessions

Receive payments and send invoices for your services and products during chats and video calls
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Get paid for chats

Make safe, secure payments an integral part of your operations. Integrations with leading payment providers like Stripe and Paypal means that you can request and receive payments while you’re chatting.
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Get paid for video calls

This feature is designed to blend seamlessly into your business model, offering a straightforward and effective way to provide premium consultations, services, or support. If you’re about to engage with a new client, you can set up a payment wall so that payment must be made before the calls begin.
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Charge. Book. Meet.

Consolto's Pre-Booking Solution revolutionizes how you manage appointments, integrating seamless payment into the booking process. This innovative feature allows your clients to schedule meetings and consultations while taking care of payments upfront, ensuring a commitment to the scheduled time, and enhancing the efficiency of your service delivery.
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Benefits of payments

Instant Transactions
Facilitate payments directly within the chat interface, allowing for immediate transactions while maintaining the flow of conversation.
Secure and Reliable
With robust security measures in place, both you and your customers can have peace of mind knowing that every transaction is safe and encrypted.
Enhanced Convenience
Eliminate the need for customers to navigate away from the chat to make a payment, offering convenience and a smoother user experience.
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Enhanced Cash Flow
Receive payments immediately upon booking, improving your cash flow and financial planning
Reduced No-Shows
By integrating payment with booking, clients are more likely to commit to appointments, significantly reducing no-shows and last-minute cancellations
Secure Instant Payments
Simplify the transaction process by allowing clients to pay at the moment of booking, ensuring secured payments and confirmed appointments
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Direct Monetization
Transform your expertise and time into revenue by charging for specialized consultations or services delivered through high-quality video calls.
Simplified Payments
With integrated Stripe and Paypal payment solutions, your clients can effortlessly pay for sessions, ensuring a smooth experience without leaving the call interface.
Easy Setup
With just a few clicks, you can integrate paid video calls into your website, enabling you to focus on what you do best - serving your clients
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Quickly resolve
Speed up issue-resolution and dump those endless email threads. Get to the point. Fast.
Be there with them
Customers use their mobile cams and desktops. Seeing the issue is half way to solving it.
Keep track
Maintain all customer history at your fingertips including calls, messages, files...
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Read the technical spec of our payment transaction solution here

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