Direct Click'NTalk page

Give customers your very own link to start video calls, book appointments and talk over their favourite messaging channels.
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Your ClicK-and-talk page

Stop creating meeting links. Create relationships.

Take your availability to new levels with a dedicated, permanent, direct ClickNTalk page showcasing all of your communication channels. It's like your very own phone-number but with many communication channels (video chat, text, appointment scheduling, whatsapp, facebook messenger...).
Send your ClickNTalk link to clients and partners so they don’t have to go to your website to kick off live interactions. Add your ClickNTalk page to your email signature to make it easy for your business contacts to get in touch with you with the click of a button.
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Dedicated action links

Quickly get your remote meetings started by sending direct links to live video chat, live chat, schedule meetings or any of your other available communication channels.

Using Zoom or Calendly for customer meetings? Think again.

Booking meetings and launching them should be one.
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Highlighted FEATURES

One Click'NTalk link,
Many communication capabilities.

Personal customer communication, made simple
Web conferencing
Let customers call you via 1-click HD video chat for 1x1 and group meetings. No downloads, no installations
Booking page
Appointment scheduling page, allowing your clients to book times that work best.
Live chat & Rich messaging
Engage in real-time with live chat, drag&drop files and image transfer, voice-messages, emoji's and automated messages.
Money transfer
Securely receive payments directly before and during your meetings and chats.
Social Messaging links
Let customers reach out to you on their favorite messaging platforms like whatsapp and messenger.
Contact forms
Make it easy to connect and follow up by capturing essential information from your visitors with customizable contact forms.
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Best use-cases

Top 5 tips to leverage your ClickNTalk page

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Put your ClickN'Talk link in your email signature to increase your accessibility
Link to your ClickNTalk from your website and social pages to start the conversation
Create a listing of ClickNTalk links for your team
Send direct ClickNTalk links to specific actions like schedule meeting, start chat or start call
Embed the ClickNTalk as a widget on your web pages

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