direct Clickntalk page
Seamless, instant communication with a dedicated personal page presenting all your communication links
Benefit from a dedicated direct ClickNTalk widget showcasing all of your available communication channels. Send your ClickNTalk page URL to clients and partners so they don’t have to go to your website to kick off live interactions. Add your ClickNTalk page to your signature to make it easy for your business contacts to get in touch with you.
No website, no problem
The ClickNTalk page is the perfect solution for those who haven’t got their website up just yet but still need to handle their business online. Simply send the ClickNTalk to your partner, colleague or clients so that they can easily reach you on their preferred communication channel.
Dedicated links per channel
Quickly get your remote meeting started by sending direct links to live video chat, live chat, or any of your other available communication channels.
Email signature, perfected
Add all of your communication channels -- either individually or collectively via your direct ClickNTalk page -- to your email signature so that everyone can quickly reach you on their preferred communication channel.
68% of customers more likely to buy from a business that offers convenient communication
75% of consumers prefer face to face interaction
video calls with clients are up to 30% shorter
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