Wordpress Installation instructions

To install Consolto on WordPress: 

Pre-installation requirements: 

1. Register to Consolto 

2. Make sure you have access to your website's admin panel. 


Installation steps: 

1. Download the WordPress Plugin 

2. On your Wordpress admin dashboard, select ‘Add New’ from within the ‘Plugins’ option. 


Wordpress Add Consolto video chat plugin

3. Add the plugin to your WordPress website


Upload Consolto video chat plugin

4. From the list of Plugins, activate Consolto VideoChat Plugin: 


5. You should now see the Consolto plugin in your admin panel. It looks like this:

Consolto video chat plugin

6. Great start! Now back to the Consolto dashboard.

7. Go to the installation section here: https://app.consolto.com/expertHome/settings/widgetSetup/setUpInstallation/installation and copy the Installation Code: 

It looks like this: 

<script id="et-iframe" data-version="0.5" data-widgetid="5asdfsfaq43afgd41esdfafa119casdf3" src="https://client.consolto.com/iframeApp/iframeApp.js"></script>


8. Go back to your WordPress admin and paste the script in the Consolto plugin on the admin panel

Paste video chat plugin script to wordpress

9. Click the save button.

10. Look for a "successfully installed" message. If you see it, you're ready to go!

If something doesn’t work - please go to our WordPress troubleshooting section