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1x1 meetings are nice. In some cases, decisions are made by more than two people and we want to invite more attendees to the meeting. This is where Group Meetings come handy.

Consolto's Group capabilities include group meetings (two flavors), group appointment scheduling and group chat.


  1. On-demand group video meetings -- meetings that start on-demand from your Consolto widget on your webiste, or from your ClickNTalk page.
  2. ✅ Group video Meeting Rooms -  unique and temporary meetig-room links where agents and customers can join the meetings.
  3. Group chat -- group chats that accompany group calls
  4. ✅ Group scheduling -- enabling appointment scheduling of multiple attendees

How do group meetings work? 

As mentioned above, there are two flavors of group meetings. They serve different use-cases and they differ by the way they start. These are the two flavors: 

On-demand group meetings

On-demand group meetings - these meetings are instant and on-demand (not planned). These behave like a phone call (or whatsapp/facetime call) -- In many cases, agents will not be aware that a meeting is about to start. It's like a phone-call where you aren't aware that your friend is about to call you until you hear the ring.

On-demand group meetings start with a customer-call from your Consolto website widget or from your ClickNTalk page. Once ANOTHER customer tries to call, you'll see a message and hear a beep and you'll be able to let them in. It's exactly like joining (merging) two phone calls.

Consolto video conference group meeting

Group meeting rooms

Group meeting rooms: These meetings are pre-scheduled or "agreed-upon". You can also create temporary meeting links to these meetings from the Consolto backoffice (flag-widget on the bottom-right of the Consolto backoffice ==> Temporary meeting links ==> Copy). In addition, you can set your scheduled meetings to start from these meeting rooms (see below how)

Group chats

Consolto group chats are automatically created the moment the agent and at least 2 customers join the meeting.

What will group chat look like? 

  • Customers will see a separate tab for the group chat (while still able to send a private message to the agent).
  • Agents will see a separate chat box highlighted with "Group Chat" text.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: How can I add another person to a meeting? 

A: During a meeting, you can get the meeting link from the meeting menu (3 dots menu) ==> Invite user ==> copy and send the link. This applies to both group meeting flavors.

In addition, you can create a temporary meeting-room link and send it to your customers and they will join the same meeting room.

Q: How many people can join a meeting? 

A: Groups can currently hold up to 6 video streams. We're planning to extend this number. Let us know if you think you'll need more and how many more. It will help if you could share with us in what business-customer situation you would need more.

Q: What happens when meetings have reached the participant limit? 

A: Consolto will pop a message that the maximum amount of frames has been reached.

Q: How can I stop receiving join-requests while in a call? 

A: During a meeting, turn your availability to "Offline". This will prevent users from reaching out to you. Don't forget to turn it back to "AVAILABLE" when you're ready to take calls.

Q: What view modes do we have? 

A: For simplicity, Consolto supports two main view modes: Gallery view where all participants are shown side-by-side and Focus-mode where one stream is enlarged while all the others are small. Switching between these modes can be done by the buttons on the stream itself and the button on the top-right of the entire video window.

Q: Which plans support group meetings? What are the limits? 

A: Until February 28th (2022), all plans support group meetings, no limits at all. Near that time new plan limits will be published.