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1x1 meetings are nice. In some cases, decisions are made by more than two people and we want to invite more attendees to the meeting. This is where Group Meetings come handy.

Consolto's Group Meetings are planned in four phases: 

  1. Improved on-demand group video experience -- ability to add additional people to the meeting when they click to join from either the widget or the ClickNTalk page.
  2. Creation of Group Rooms - creating unique room links where agents and customers can join the meetings.
  3. Group chat -- saving the group chats happening during calls
  4. Group scheduling -- enabling appointment scheduling of multiple attendees

At this time, we've launched phase #1.

How group meetings are done? simply let your customers start a video/audio call with you from your widget or ClickNTalk page and accept them one by one. You will see a notification pop up during the call as a customer wants to join the meeting.

Consolto video conference group meeting

Q: How can I add another person to the group meeting? 

A: Send your ClickNTalk link to that person during a meeting by: open the meeting settings button >> Invite user >> copy the link or put the user's email. Once the user hits the link, you will be notified so you can accept/decline their request to join.

Q: How many people can join a meeting? 

A: Groups can currently hold up to 6 video streams. We're planning to extend this number. Let us know if you think you'll need more and how many more. It will help if you could share with us in what business-customer situation you would need more.

Q: What happens when meetings have reached the participant limit? 

A: Consolto will pop a message that the maximum amount of frames has been reached.

Q: How can I stop receiving join-requests while in a call? 

A: During a meeting, turn your availability to "Offline". This will prevent users from reaching out to you. Don't forget to turn it back to "AVAILABLE" when you're ready to take calls.

Q: What view modes do we have? 

A: For simplicity, Consolto supports two main view modes: Gallery view where all participants are shown side-by-side and Focus-mode where one stream is enlarged while all the others are small. Switching between these modes can be done by the buttons on the stream itself and the button on the top-right of the entire video window.

Q: Which plans support group meetings? What are the limits? 

A: Until February 28th (2022), all plans support group meetings, no limits at all. Near that time new plan limits will be published.