Video chat for professional consulting

Get meetings booked, paid and launched via one all-in-one solution.
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Personal customer communication, made simple
HD video chat
Let customers call you via 1-click HD video chat, directly from your website or ClickN'Talk page. No downloads, no installations.
Booking software
Get meetings booked with 2-way appointment scheduling including a booking widget and dedicated booking links.  
Click'NTalk page
Make your consulting business accessible via your dedicated omni-channel communication page service as your customer-portal.
Payment transfer
Get paid with streamlined payment flows using Stripe and PayPal.
2-way screen-sharing helps get the point across faster and better.
Micro CRM
Manage clients' profiles next to conversation  history - text messages, call-recordings, transferred files and images, invoices, meetings...
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Using Zoom or Calendly for customer meetings? Think again.

Booking meetings and launching them should be one.
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Fully-fledged virtual office

Life doesn’t always have to be hard. Consolto’s solution includes everything you need to go remote in one easy to install package that works seamlessly in your website. Give your customers the modern, digital service they want and expect with options to communicate over live chat or video chat, schedule meetings, accept payments and send invoices, take in-chat notes and send and receive important files.
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Streamlined personal communication

You use too many tools to launch your customer meetings because it's a multi-step operation: Appointment scheduling software (like Calendly) to schedule meetings, web-conferencing (like Zoom) to launch calls, a CRM, money-transfer, AI Bots...
Consolto’s no-hassle live video chat solution makes it easy to engage in highly personalized, warm interactions with one streamlined flow: from booking the meeting through collecting money and launching the 1x1 or group conference. No downloads, no installations.
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