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General Q&A

Consolto product tour

Where do I start?

I don't have a website, can I still enjoy Consolto?

What if I have multiple websites?

Do I need any technical knowledge to install the Consolto widget?

Is my data secure?

Terms and Billings

If I start with a certain plan can I upgrade?

How am I billed when I add new members to the account?

What happens if I want to purchase a number of agents that doesn’t show on the pricing tab?

Will new features have an additional cost?

What happens if I pass the plan limits?

What is the pricing for additional conferencing hours?

What payment methods do you accept?

Can I update/change my payment method? If yes, how?

Do I get an invoice when I pay?

What happens if I cancel?

What is Consolto’s refund policy?

Is there an option to sign up for free?

When a client paid for a call, how long does it take until the transaction is complete?

Features and Capabilities

I set a free session. What would the call look like from my client’s point of view?

I set a paid session. What would the call look like from my client’s point of view?

Can I initiate a conversation with a user on my website through Consolto, even though they didn’t reach out?

Can I hide agents from the website?

Can I hide information/tabs from specific agents?

Can I change/update my email address and/or password?

Can I switch languages?

Can we answer that question?

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