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Get paid for your video chat sessions


You can integrate PayPal with Consolto and charge clients for online sessions. Payment Gateway: PayPal (soon adding Stripe)

There are 2 methods to request payments from your clients: 

  1. Pay prior to video session
  2. Send instant payment request (during video / text communication)

Pay prior to video session

How it works:

When clients click on the video chat icon to initiate a call, the call request is shown to the host. If the host decides to accept the call, the client will receive a link to PayPal to pay for the video session.

Consolto - Video chat payments

After payment has succeeded, the video call will start right away. Make sure not to change your availability-state and keep your device online during the process. Otherwise, the payment could potentially be cancelled.

Activating payment settings:

Go to the Widget Center and click on "money transfer" on the left panel.

- Turn the switch "On" .

- Fill in the details of your PayPal account (Your paypal email where we will send you the transaction).

- Add the amount to charge your clients for a session.‍

If you have a team-account you can set up different amounts and PayPal accounts for each member.

For instructions on setting up payments in multi agent accounts click here.


Send instant payment request

A second option would be to request payment through the chat center.

How it works:

- Open the chat center.

- Select the chat with the customer you want to request payment from

- At the bottom of the chat-box, click on the “payment” button.

- Type in the payment currency and amount.

- Send the payment request and follow the messages.

How to disable this option:

- Go to the Team Center

- On the left panel, click on “Team members”

- Select an agent

- Click on “feature setup”

- Open “chat center”

- Switch payment request “off”