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Consolto provides you with two scheduling flows that are optimized for either control of the schedule or automation. 

A little explanation: 

Fully automated means that all meeting requests sent to you will be automatically confirmed (when the time slots are still available), not manually.

An advantage of this option is that there will be NO double booking. Meaning, if another customer already requested a time slot, and it was automatically accepted, another customer that tries to schedule an appointment for the same time will not be able to. 

If your priority is having more control over your appointments, you could opt-out of keeping this feature off. Because you will be accepting meetings manually, if two customers pick the same time slot, you have the option to choose which one of them you’d like to prioritize and confirm them/reschedule the other one.

Consolto gives you the option to manage scheduled video sessions, apart from immediate ones. The scheduling feature in Consolto is bi-directional. This means that Consolto allows your clients to schedule sessions with you as well as you can send out invites from your side. 

You can find all scheduling options under “Appointment Center” on your Consolto backoffice.

Under appointment center, you’ll find the following options:

Under requests, you can manage requests that are pending an action or ones that have been handled (All):

The tabs “agenda” and “calendar” allows you to see and keep track of upcoming appointments:

If you’d like to send a meeting invitation yourself, Consolto also gives you that option. To do so, you should enter the client’s email address, offer one or more options of time slots, and optionally add a note:

Under the “settings” tab, you can set your available time slots per day of the week:

Also under “settings”, you can explore and set other options such as default meeting duration, your time zone and more.