The brand new Consolto feature: 3D-Sense

Here you’ll read how to work with this exciting add-on. 

The 3DSense is a synchronized 3D presentation of your products. It allows you to zoom in and out, showcasing every single detail. From the customer’s side, they can also move the 3D image around, and it’ll enable you to see their moves on your screen in REAL-TIME. 


  • You will need 3D models in .glb format. example here! Additional 3D models can be viewed at: https://sketchfab.com/
  • In case you would like to produce 3D models, contact us at info@consolto.com and we'll help you build these out.
  • As always, you will need a stable & reliable Internet connection.


These are the main steps: 

  1. Upload your 3D models
  2. Set up the 3D model presentation
  3. Present the 3D models during conversations with customers. 

3D model upload and setup: 

The first step is to upload the file of the product you’d like to showcase.

In order to do that, go to Settings => Setup & Installation => 3D Sense, or click here.

After that, click “add new file”:

Then, drag or select your .glb file.

NOTE: if you have a multi-agent account, every team member can upload files. 3D models that were uploaded by the account manager are accessible to the whole team. Models uploaded by other members are only accessible to them.

Setting up your 3D models: 

  1. Create a thumbnail for your 3D model: 

  1. Edit the model’s file name

Set the default opening view of the 3D model (angle, size…): 

Present images during conversations with customers: 

You can send 3D during a live chat or video chat.

In order to share with someone a 3D model through live chat, they need to be online. Open the chat center, and click the 3DSense button as below: 

Select one of the 3D files you uploaded and hit “present”:

If you close the 3D image on your end, it’ll also close on the customer’s end.

Both sides can move the 3D models.

  • Right button of the mouse: pan
  • Left button of the mouse: turn the model around

Let us know what you think at info@consolto.com