Getting Started
Widget Center
Customize widget appearance

Change your widget appearance that it will fit your brand and website colors.

Change widget colors:

Go to the widget center and click on the "style" tab on the left

Small widget

Change widget type: Refers to when the widget is closed

Click on the widget type section to change the type

There are three options : (From right to left)

1. Text with the profile picture

  1. Text only
  1. Consolto' s eyes animation

To change small widget colors choose your color on the right. for more colors click on the pencil

To change widget appearance when the chat is open go to the main section.

In the chat color section you will see "peer Bubbles" and "My Bubbles"

"Peer Bubble" will change your client bubbles appearance and "My Bubbles" will change your

bubbles appearance.

If you are using multi agent account you need to do this action for each agent