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Page matches help you select specific pages where the widget will be visible as well as pages where specific agents in the team-widget will be visible.

To set these pages: 

1. In the Consolto backoffice, go to the Control section here:

2. Select the agent that needs to be set (in the top-agent selector).

3. Set agent-specific page matches - go to

- These page-matches are website URLs which parsed as regular expressions. If you’d like more than one URL, use commas to separate between these URLs. 


Q: How to prevent specific pages from presenting the widget?

A: We currently don't have "Exclude" logic in the page matches. Until we develop that, you can use Regex's exclude logic with the following: 


Q: How to present the widget on the homepage only?

A: Use the following regex: 


The page matches feature allows you to define in which pages of your website will a specific agent be shown, or, in which pages of your website the entire widget will be shown.