Live Chat

The live chat enables real-time messaging and saves all conversations into your saved history.

Important: Your website visitors will have visibility into the last 30 minutes of the chat history only. This is a security measure as they are not authenticated in any way (they might be using a shared internet-cafe computer). On the agent side, chat history access is available according to your subscription plan

Your website visitors will only be able to use the chat if you’ve added it to the widget. It includes features like emojis and rich communication. It also includes advanced features like voice-recording that enables your clients to send you audio messages as well as document-sharing that enables exchanging files between you and your clients.

Your clients see whether their messages were delivered and read by you according to the VV check marks. Two green check marks mean that the recipient has received and read the message. 

If you’re unavailable, the chat box automatically displays your automatic messages when customers try to interact with you. 

Note: The automatic messages appear only once every few hours (otherwise, they would pop every time your website is loaded, which would ruin the customer experience on your site. )

To turn on live chat go to the widget center and click the communication tab on the left bar.

Then, turn the live-chat switch to ON.

For information about how chats will be managed on the backoffice, please refer to THIS LINK.