Getting Started
Widget Center

The Consolto back-office header helps you navigate through the application.

On desktop, the header is placed at the top while on mobile, it's on the bottom of the screen.

Consolto Application Header
  1. The sound switch controls whether new-guests on site play a sound. Calls and Chats will not mute by this.
  2. Show or hide the widget on your site with the "Widget" switch.
  3. Availability: There are three availability states: Online, Busy and Offline. When you're on a call, the availability state automatically turns "Busy". When you finish the call, it will return to its previous state. Turn your availability to "Online" in order to receive calls. Otherwise, your site-visitors will be notified you cannot answer calls.
  4. Logout: you know what this means... Why would you even consider this one :)