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Create meaningful interactions with your customers and partners with a highly personalized video chat solution, dedicated to meeting clients online.
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Does this sound familiar? you invest loads of marketing dollars $$$ and wish for high website conversions. You find that it's hard to sell with website content and bots. Customers have deeper questions and they are looking for the question-answer pingpong that is doable with a live agent only. So you point them to schedule a meeting with you or with your team. But a few days later, when the meeting time arrives, they are cold. May be even the deal was lost to competition. Instead, Consolto provides a seamless video chat journey where customers click on a button on your website and start the video meeting instantly. In today's world, instant is key to convert more. Personalization and accuracy make a huge difference when it comes to complex sales. Wait no more. Start the video journey today and you will see the value in no time.
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Built-in scheduling and invoicing: Launching consulting meetings requires coordination efforts and various tools: booking software, conferencing tools, CRMs, live-chat, invoicing and more. With Consolto, launching customer-meetings is a no-hassle, simple and streamlined flow. One tool to run the entire operation that makes sure that when your meeting starts, you and your clients focus on what you need to accomplish.

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68% of customers more likely to buy from a business that offers convenient communication
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Have quality meetings in a click. Say goodbye to lost passwords and endless downloads. Say hello to one-click live video chat interactions without having to download a thing, anytime and anywhere.
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Out-of-the-box mobile support for mobile means that your customers can kick off video chats with you when they’re out and about even on their mobile phones.
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Combined with Consolto's scheduling and live chat, our video meeting software provides all the features you'd need to host successful customer-meetings: group meetings, call-recordings in the cloud, Persistent live-messaging, file sharing, screen sharing, blurry and branded background, money-transfer and many more exciting features
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