Bring the in-store experience to your online ecommerce

Use live text and video chat directly from your website to personalize your customers' journey and and win more sales.
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Boost conversaion rates

Sell hard-to-sell products. Faster.

Your marketing budget is high and brings visitors to your website but turning them into paying customers could be challenging, especially in complex products. Consolto will help you increase conversions by offering real-time interactions like video chats and rich messaging. With these, and Consolto's advanced website widget, your sales agents will engage with website visitors instantly to provide detailed product insights, reduce purchase hesitations and to build rapport, thus increasing the likelihood of turning inquiries into committed clients.
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Fight cart abandonment

Increase purchase completions with existing traffic

The math is simple: 80% cart abandonment means only 20% completes purchases. reducing cart abandonment by 10% (to 72%) means now 28% complete purchases, a 40% increase in sales! Even a small decrease in cart-abandonment translates into a significant increase in successful transactions and revenue from the existing traffic. With Consolto you can combat cart abandonment by engaging customers in real-time through active engagers that prompt them to chat or video call if they hesitate during checkout. Video chats, live chats, and screen sharing offer personalized assistance and product demonstrations, enhancing confidence in purchase decisions. Our unique 3D-Sense technology provides an immersive view of products, making the online shopping experience even more tangible helping customers in reducing doubts that lead to cart abandonment.
Boost Satisfaction rates

Enhanced customer experience

Customer expectations for direct, personalized service have reached all time highs. Provide VIP customer experience with highly personalized service that humanizes your online brand. Take your website to the next level with live video chat capabilities via any of your cta (call-to-action) buttons. Offer your customers live chat over all popular messaging channels so that they can interact with you on their preferred channels.
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Reduce cart-abandonment

Did you know that reducing the 80% average cart abandonment rate by 12.5% means increasing your revenue by 50%?!

Provide sales support from anywhere and at anytime

Show your customers that you’re there for them every step of the way by giving them a personal, permanent communication link that they can use to reach out to you via video and audio calls straight from your website, email signatures or anywhere else you choose to embed the link. Answer from your desktop or mobile, from anywhere.
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1-click meetings

AI and bots not good enough?

Inject cutting-edge capabilities that will make your ecommerce website stand out from the pack with live video chat right on the spot. Make it easy to set up meetings with advanced scheduling capabilities inside your website. Offer website visitors virtual consultation sessions to help them find the right product for their needs. Add live chat capabilities via any button in your website so that your clients always have the option of to kick off live video chat sessions.

Provide better support & sell more

Give your sales team superpowers so that they can quickly answer any questions about the product, deliveries and your return policies. Try these buttons: 
The magic

Top 5 ways ecommerce retailers use Consolto to increase customers’ engagement & sales

Increase products' discovery and custmer shopping advice
Increase authenticity with personalized remote consulting
Re-engage with customers for abandoned carts or post purchase
Provide instant and real-time support
Schedule meetings for any type of shopping assistance in real time

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