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Customer bookings

Booking page and website widget

Transform the way meetings get booked with Consolto's intuitive Booking Page and Booking website widget. These seamlessly integrate into your existing workflow, offering your clients a straightforward and hassle-free way to book their next meeting. Whether it's on your customized Booking Click'nTalk Page or directly through the widget on your site, your clients will appreciate the simplicity and elegance of scheduling appointments, allowing you to focus on what you do best - delivering exceptional service. Elevate your scheduling experience and leave the hassle of appointment setting behind with our smart, user-friendly solutions.
Rich dashboard

Innovative 2-way scheduling

Meet your productivity goals by sending meeting invitations as well as receiving meeting requests from customers. No need to connect two software platforms (conferencing and booking) to launch meetings. One dashboard for all your customer-meeting operations.
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Available time slots

Take full control of your time by defining which time slots you want available on your Consolto calendar. Customers trying to set up meetings with you will only have the option to schedule during the time slots you’ve set up as long as they're not already taken.

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$3.2 billion – the estimated value savings from using online appointment scheduling
Fully Controlled

Fully controlled vs. fully automated

Consolto offers two dynamic customer-booking mechanisms tailored to your business needs: Fully Controlled and Fully Automated. With the Fully Controlled option, you invite collaboration by allowing customers to propose multiple time slots for their appointments, giving you the power to review and accept the slot that best fits your schedule. This method fosters a personalized interaction, ensuring both you and your customer agree on the most convenient time. On the other hand, our Fully Automated system streamlines the scheduling process, enabling customers to book appointments directly based on your real-time availability, ensuring efficiency and immediacy. Both systems are designed to enhance the booking experience, offering flexibility and control to meet the diverse needs of your business.
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Combined with Consolto's video conferencing and live chat, our customer booking software provides all the features you'd need to host successful customer-meetings: group meetings and group scheduling, 2-way Google calendar integration, desktop notifications, reminder notifications and emails, configurable forms, team view and more

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