Never miss an opportunity by making it easy for your customers and partners to set up meetings with you when you’re not available
In the online space opportunities arrive at all hours of the day, and night. Consolto instantly redirects customers to your calendar when they try to communicate during your off hours, so that they never feel that you’re not there for them. 
68% of patients say they’re more likely to choose practices that offer the option to book appointments online
Millennials’ online
booking rate has
by 6.5% as of 2019
$3.2 billion – the estimated value savings from using online appointment scheduling
2-way scheduling
Send and receive meeting requests directly from your Consolto widget. Set up follow up meetings during your interaction, and immediately send invitation requests while you're still chatting.
Integration with-3rd party calendars
Easily integrate your Consolto calendar with Google and Outlook calendars so that you centralize your entire schedule in one place.Manage meetings. Quickly change meeting details -- like time and date -- directly from your Consolto admin panel.
Available time slots
Define which time slots you want to be made available on your Consolto calendar. Customers trying to set up meetings with you will only have the option to schedule during the time slots you’ve made available.
68% of customers more likely to buy from a business that offers convenient communication
75% of consumers prefer face to face interaction
video calls with clients are up to 30% shorter
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Together we’ll change what you considered
as great communication experience
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