Multi Agent Settings

If your account has multiple agents, you can build various team widgets with these agents. These can be shown on multiple websites and pages within your websites.

The power of team widgets - while any other solution hides the teams' agents behind a single avatar, on Consolto we show the agents. When customers start video calls with agents, they are likely to prefer specific agents based on their gender, age and expertise. Unlike live chat where agents can be "faceless", in video chats, they hop on a meeting a moment after the widget is opened. That's why we let your site visitors see a "team list" where they can select the preferred agent/consultant.

In this article we’ll review the following:

  1. Add new agents
  2. Change agent permissions and features

For privacy-related information click here

For setting Widget & ClickNTalk pages for your agents click here

1. Add new agents to your team:

Start from the Users settings:

Click on "Add" and then enter the agent’s name, email and password.

Click “Invite”.

The agent will receive an invitation to join Consolto and upon acceptance their name will appear in the agents list.

2. Setting agent features and permissions: 

In the users table, place your mouse on the specific agent and on the right, you'll see a blue arrow. Click it to open the agent's settings.

In the settings, select the "Features setup": 

In the Feature Setup tab you can adjust the selected agent’s access to specific backoffice functionality and choose which areas in the system they can see vs. the sections that will be removed from their backoffice. In many cases, team members don't need to set up features and customizations so this is a great way to simplify the experience for them.

For agents who don't need access to setup and control, we recommend switching off the "Setup and installation" and the "Personal Settings".

Note: You will be able to set everything for them on the widget & ClickNTalk page. You cannot change "Personal settings" for them.