Getting Started
Widget Center
Multi Agent Settings (account center)

In this manual we will teach you how to :

  1. Add new agents
  2. Change permission
  3. Adjust agent profile
  4. Widget configuration

1. Add new agents to Consolto widget:

Go to the account center and click on the agent tab on the right

Click on "add agent" enter the agent name , Email and password

Click invite.

Once the agent will accept the invite you will see his name in the agents list .

2. Change agent permission:

Click on the agent name at the account center and then on "features setup".

You can adjust Backoffice visibility and choose what areas in the system to hide or to show them .

Please note that if you hide the the widget center from the agent he will not be able to adjust his profile.

But the good news are that you will be able to do this for him!.

3. Adjust agent profile

Go to the widget center and choose the agent name from the list .

You can edit his widget appearance as well click here to see how to change widget appearance.

Once you are done click on Done (Back to admin).

4. Widget configuration

In the account center go to "widget" tab on the left side bar

In this section you will be able to adjust the multi agent widget configuration.

* Show/ Hide widget -

Use this switch to show/hide the widget on your website. In case you use external buttons, don’t worry. They will work perfectly fine even if the widget is hidden.

* Page matches -

Use full URLs or regular expressions to set the pages where Consolto will be shown. Example: '' or just 'yourwebsite'.

* Widget starts small -

Enable small widget before the full agent list pops up.

Agent selection

In this section you will be able to configure the agents on widget.

* Maximum number of widgets (agents) on page -

This will be the maximum number of agents listed on the widget on any page (0 means no widget at all).

* Prioritize agent availability -

Enable prioritizing the agents based on their availability. If they are online, they will get higher priority and will be shown above those with lower priority.

* Filter agent by availability -

Enable filtering the agents based on their availability. If they are not available, they will not be presented on the widget.