Privacy features

Your privacy, our concern

In our highly competitive world, keeping things for our selves is hard. That’s why we in Consolto are super concerned about privacy and securing all the data that you give us to hold. Your trust is our motivation to keep everything private and secured.

Consolto is HIPAA compliant and GDPR compliant. To learn more about our privacy methodology, read here.

In this article, we will explain the following: 

  1. What use-cases Consolto solves with our private-data policy
  2. What levels of private data exist in Consolto
  3. What are the ways to share private data within teams
  4. How to obtain access to my team members’ chats?

What use-cases Consolto solves with our private-data policy

Consolto is used by small as well as large teams. Less and more privacy-sensitive. For example, small sales teams are less sensitive with sharing private data within the team. A sales agent sharing chats with the sales manager is a typical example. 

In therapists teams, private data is far more segregated. Account administration should usually not have access to private therapy data. 

For that reason, in Consolto we assume that all private and sensitive data is not shared within the team unless specifically permitted by the agent. 

What levels of private data exist in Consolto?

  • Private data: All the data that is shared between agents and customers is considered private. This includes chat messages, voice messages, call-recordings, appointment data, contact forms. The only way team managers can obtain access is detailed below.
  • In-account-non-private: Statistics and analytics are data that we consider as accessible to account manager. The charts on the overview tab present this in-account-non-private data as well. Clearly, outside the account no one has access to this data.
  • Public data: Any widget/ClicknTalk settings are considered publicly accessible and are manageable by the account admin.

What are the ways to share private data within teams?

As mentioned, all private data is segregated. This is a useful feature for privacy-sensitive teams. However, in less sensitive teams, how can the account manager obtain access to chats and call information? 

We’ve built a special feature just for this use-case: 

How to obtain access to my team members’ chats?

As an account manager, you can view which agent provided you access in two places: 

1. Agent selector: On the right-part of the agent selector, you will notice the shields when access is permitted. 

2. Users table: note the green shield indicating you have access. Those users that haven’t provided permission yet will have a “Request” button that will help you request access. 

Once you request access, your agents receive an email pointing them to enable access in the following link:

Once they click on the toggle switch (#2), they are asked to confirm allowing you to access their private data. This step is built to prevent mistaken access.