Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger

Your website visitors can use the Consolto Widget to text you using WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

Once they hit the "Send us a WhatsApp text" button, visitors are redirected to either WhatsApp web (desktop) or their WhatsApp app (mobile devices), depending on how they’re contacting you. Visitors see the custom welcome message that you’ve set up (see screenshot below) and your number. Once they click “Send”, you’ll receive their message in your WhatsApp inbox.

Consolto video chat- whatsapp

The process works similarly when clicking on the Facebook Messenger button:

Once they click the “Reach out through Facebook Messenger" button, visitors are redirected to your Facebook page's Messenger tab. 

WhatsApp: Enter your phone number or the number of your WhatsApp for Business.

To add WhatsApp to your widget click here.

Facebook: Enter your Facebook username or profile ID. Example - if your facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/mr.john.smith ==> mr.john.smith.

To add your Facebook to your widget click here.