Getting Started
Widget Center
Setting up the features and texts

Most of the features below relate to both the website widget and your personal page. Those who are specific to the widget or personal page will be prefixed with a ** sign. 

The Widget and Personal page functionality is mostly configured in the Widget Center. The scheduling component is an exception and is mostly set up on the Appointment-center tab.


Your Consolto widget is highly configurable. 

1. Profile image. Please use images

2. Language: Set the language of the widget/personal page. In case the widget is part of a multi-agent account, the language of the plugin will be defined per agent. 

3. Display name - set your name

4. Title - Set a tag line or a title that will help your visitors understand who you are and what they'll get

5. Set which functionality (LinkX) will be presented on the widget and the personal page. The order of the LinkX can be set by clearing them all and adding them by order one after the other. 

6. The call-to-action text (the green "inviting" text on every tab) can be set on (available for "Clever" plan and above)