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Consolto offers diverse solutions to suit your business’s specific needs. One of these options is the choice of single-agent or multi-agent.

The single-widget option enables one agent to be available to customers visiting your website. The team-account turns your website into a multi-agent conferencing network.

With the team account, you gain control over team members - choose who will be presented on every page on your website's widget, their priority etc...

The main difference between the team-widget and the single-widget is the multi-agent view below. It lets the client on your website select the agent/host they want to speak with.

Once they select one of the agents/hosts, the single-widget of that host opens.

If you would like to list agents in a directory-style, this is possible with the multi-agent (team) live video-call directory capability.


The single-agent option enables one agent to be presented on the widget: 

If you acquire a single-agent solution, you can set it up in the back office through the “Widget Center”, which can be found here:

Team (multi-agent):

The multi-agent solution offers from 2 to more than 500 agents and it scales with your business' needs. This solution can suit either sales, consulting as well as customer service functions. If you acquire the multi-agent solution, you’ll find the following screen on your Consolto backoffice, which can be used to control every agent exclusively:

Now, let’s talk technicalities. In order to purchase the right number of agents, on the pricing page we have the option to select the amount of agents you’d like to have in your account. 

On the pricing page, we only offer up to 50 agents- but don’t you worry! If you want more than 50 agents, contact our team, we’ll set it for you. 

Note: you can increase your number of agents and add more at any given time