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A New Dimension to Video Chat

With this increased use also came the realization that the best video chat sessions are those that most closely resemble real life interactions. As a hybrid work lifestyle is looking more and more likely in the coming years, video chat is focusing more and more on recreating the in-office, or real-life, experience

Introducing 3D-Sense By Consolto

Consolto is excited to announce that we’ve taken these efforts one step further by adding an entirely new dimension to the video chat experience. The release of 3D-Sense heralds a new era of video chat, one where products can be experienced in all their 3D glory, just like they would be in real-life!

3D-Sense is an exclusive to Consolto video chat capability that empowers users to show off physical objects in 3D. This powerful feature enables video chat participants to see all of a product’s different angles and textures, to experience it exactly as they would in real-life. Products can be moved around and zoomed into, so that every detail is observable and nothing can be hidden from a potential buyer. 

3D-Sense represents a real game-changer, introducing advanced capabilities that were previously unavailable in any video chat platform. The release of this feature brings us two steps closer to realizing our vision of transforming remote, video chat-enabled interactions into highly personalized experiences that feel just like they would in real-life.

3D for Any Industry 

Consolto customers from nearly every industry are already realizing the benefits and advantages of 3D-powered interactions. 

Car dealers use 3D-Sense to more effectively showcase their wares to potential buyers. 3D-Sense empowers 360 degree views of a vehicle’s interior and exterior, so that buyers can see all the curves and details without having to come down to the dealership in-person.

Medical professionals leverage 3D-Sense to provide detailed views of personalized medical devices like in real life, from afar, using the new, innovative capabilities delivered by 3D-Sense.

Medical device vendors and service providers better showcase their products and provide more effective remote services with 3D-Sense. Technicians can perform remote maintenance and checkups with the enhanced visibility provided by 3D-Sense. Medical device vendors can highlight every aspect of their products during remote sales meetings.

Real-estate agents offer exhilarating virtual tours to remote customers with 3D-Sense. Potential buyers can instantly zoom-in and out to better view the unique details and idiosyncrasies that make properties special.

Consumer Electronics vendors leverage 3D-Sense to demo their products just like they would in real-life. Potential buyers can zoom-in to see the detailed textures and angles of the products they’re interested in buying.

With the release of 3D-Sense, video chat is that much closer to the real-life experience. The release of this feature comes after many months of intense work that we dedicated to ensure that we’re delivering an optimal 3D experience. Using 3D-Sense sales professionals, service providers and consultants can provide enhanced remote interactions that more closely mimic a real-life experience.  

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