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Necessary Interpersonal Skills To Provide Professional Level Service Through Video Chat
Necessary Interpersonal Skills To Provide Professional Level Service Through Video Chat

Good communication skills are one of the most powerful assets an individual can bring to any situation. Whether on an interview, delivering well-executed messages to investors, or pitching to potential customers, having the ability to communicate effectively is something everyone should value and certainly can be improved upon. 

Nobody is a perfect communicator, but we can all find something to work on. When it comes to chatting over video and providing service, it is important to conduct business in a professional manor. Below are communication and video chat tips that anyone can learn a thing or two from:

Communication Tips

  1. Take a second to really listen — Consider what the other person is saying before cutting you interject.
  2. Eye contact — Look at camera instead of focus on the screen of your computer.
  3. Learn how to give high-quality feedback — Before your response, consider how you phase your response and how it will be interpretted from the recipient.
  4. Be conscious of different perspectives — Do your best to put yourself in the other person’s shoes
  5. Having goals set before kicking things off — Understand problems your clients and customers have, so solutions are realistic and appropriate
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