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New features towards an astonishing 2022
New features towards an astonishing 2022


Hello Consolto community!!!

We’re here to announce another batch of enhancements to Consolto, to make your 2022 meetings even more impactful.

Two REALLY SIGNIFICANT 🚀🚀🚀 updates coming soon -- Widget UI uplift and the so-anticipated iOS app 📲.

The UI uplift will be launched mid-January and will impact the Widget and ClickNTalk.

Spoiler alert!! This is what your widget will look like soon (another announcement will be sent upon launch of this new widget)


New features already live:

1. 🔍🔍 Search over your entire chat and engagement history. Find contacts and conversations with a swift search flow located in the chat center.

2. 📋📋📋 Make chat history fully available for your customers (and not only last 30 minutes which is the default): Widget Center >> Advanced Settings >> Chat History

3. 📆 Appointment scheduling:

✅ Auto-approval flow lets your customers select only available timeslots from your calendar. ✅ Added cancellation reason to meeting cancellation flow

Till next time we chat, I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you a year of growth - in your business, in your career but more importantly -- growth in your dreams, aspirations and personal life. Eventually, that's why we're here.

Thank you for helping us drive 2021. Means a lot to our team.

To your success,


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