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Remote sales for the automotive industry
Remote sales for the automotive industry

The business of selling vehicles sure has changed a lot in the last few years. Not too long ago, it was a simple process of going down to the local car dealership, checking out a few vehicles, taking your favorites for a test drive and then boom--you got yourself a new car!

While the experience of walking around the showroom and test driving your dream car may give the whole process a real-life feeling, nowadays actually seeing the car is just one aspect of a multi-faceted sales process. Today’s digitally savvy customers spend serious time researching online before they even consider a visit to the auto dealership. Not only that, but the average consumer spends around six months researching the vehicle they eventually buy and visits more than five dealerships before actually buying it. 

An Online Presence is Key to Success

Forward-looking auto dealerships already know that a strong digital presence is a critical element in the buyer’s journey. But having a well-designed website that showcases your automotive wares isn’t enough. Today’s consumers expect high levels of personalization in all of their online interactions. Meeting these expectations calls for the delivery of a highly personal online experience across all the different channels that your customers expect them to offer.

Auto dealerships that are able to deliver to their customers an online experience that’s as personal as the offline one will outperform those that don’t. But creating a successful omnichannel strategy doesn’t begin and end with the number of channels that you make yourself available on. A well-orchestrated omnichannel strategy merges all channels into one cohesive, coherent experience. Maintaining consistency is the key here, as discrepancies between the service provided on different channels can put a serious damper on a potential sale.

Customer experience platforms extend a powerful tool that can help auto dealerships provide a consistent experience across every channel they’re available on. These advanced platforms empower personalization no matter where you meet your customers by centralizing, storing and making accessible all data in one location. Sales agents can access critical information about customers from previous interactions--regardless of where and when they took place--and leverage this intelligence to streamline the sales process and personalize their interactions, even if they’ve never met the customer before. 

Consolto’s advanced video chat platform integrates cutting-edge customer experience capabilities so that auto dealerships can extend cohesive, consistent and personalized service at every customer touchpoint. 

Consolto Video Chat for Auto Dealerships

Consolto’s powerful features enable auto dealerships to embed a fully integrated omni-channel communication strategy directly into their websites. In this manner, auto dealerships are able to increase customer engagement and boost sales. 

Consolto includes advanced scheduling capabilities in its platform. Instead of engaging in an immediate interaction, customers can choose to set up a meeting at a time that’s convenient to them. This feature significantly increases meeting closure rates, helping to sell more cars remotely. The platform also integrates multiple communication channels such as live chat, SMS, audio messages, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and more. These omnichannel capabilities help deliver a superior customer experience while improving productivity as agents can answer questions from multiple channels simultaneously.

Complementary services such as money transfer and payment help deliver a seamless, end-to-end experience within the Consolto platform. From initial prospecting, throughout the whole sales funnel and all the way to checkout, Consolto handles everything!  Showcasing vehicles and handling paperwork is easy with two-way screen sharing, 3D capabilities and more. Instantly engage hot leads on your website to answer questions and ease customers down the path to purchase. 

Consolto’s custom button features enables auto dealerships to inject live video chat capabilities across the different pages of their websites. Set up specialized agents on your website's different pages so that relevant experts are ready to answer potential customer’s questions at the click of a button. 

Before We Go

Auto dealerships that are focused on their profit margins already know that a digital-first strategy is their best option. By implementing different technologies--such as live video chat--into their digital lead gen channels while integrating everything into an omnichannel experience, auto dealerships can provide a superior customer experience and boost their revenues. Cutting-edge technologies like VR connect customers to the showroom, providing an online experience that feels just as real as sliding into the driver’s seat for a test drive.

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