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The Convenience and Freedom of Working From Home

8 Advantages to Working from Home

Productivity — Be in charge of your day and chose to work whenever works best for you: Mornings, nights, weekends.Work Where You Want — Having the comfort to change your environment by sitting anywhere in your home, a park, library, coffee shop; You decide!Be Stress Free — Punctuality is never an issue, take breaks as you desire, enjoy the companionship of your pet(s)Lifestyle Restrictions — Having the ability to bring your kids to school, and cooking what you want saves you money and is healthy, etcDiscipline and Time Management — From waking up, getting ready, choosing your breaks and meal time, you are entirely on your own schedule.No Commuting — Saving time and money!Tax Deductions — Operating expenses of you home can be written off as business expenses.Work As You Travel — Having the ability to make money during trips and vacations

Marketing intern at I'm a determined International Business/Marketing student with an entrepreneurial mindset willing to take initiative in order to accomplish goals. I love working on Social Media campaigns: Facebook, Instagram, Google and writing about relevant trends
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