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Best Tips for Succeeding in Online Consulting #2 - During The Session
Best Tips for Succeeding in Online Consulting #2 - During The Session

Best Technical Tips for Succeeding in Online Consulting - During The Session

In the world of online consulting, there are certain tactics consultants can employ that can distinguish them from their competition. These techniques are simple to implement, yet their importance should not be undervalued. 

Why are we writing this? In, we’re on a mission to help you provide the best possible application for online advisory. Our end goal is to help wise people make a decent living in today’s increasingly competitive environment. 

Below is a list of some habits that are absolutely necessary to succeed as an online consultant and establish a positive rapport among clients: 

In this post we'll focus on  the best tips to improve your online consulting session.

During The Session

1. Don’t move around — Moving could interrupt Internet connection which will ruin the entire experience for your clients.

2. Smile and use non-verbal body gestures — This will help make engagement far more effective.

3. Posture — Sit up and avoid slumping your body.

4.  In case video stalls on your end, it’s usually good to ask your client to wait a moment such that you see their face while they speak. However, in case video doesn’t come back and only audio works for a while, decide together with your client how to proceed.

5. Try to place the webcam as close as possible to the screen where you see your client. Otherwise, you will be looking at the screen and your client will feel uncomfortable as from his point of view you’re not looking directly at him. Laptops and tablets are really good in this sense!

6. Your client will inherently feel that you’re entirely focused on them thanks to the video-chat one-on-one mechanics. Keep focused and don’t let them lose this sense of importance.

7. Your client will mostly see your face and shoulders. Unlike a non-virtual consultation, he will not see your body gestures. Make sure that any body gesture is visible to the camera frame.

Using these tips, as an online consultant, you could significantly improve your business and reputation in the consulting community. This will maintain customer satisfaction and further drive new traffic to your company. Adopting these little steps can truly go a long way for online consultants and the clients they deal with. 

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