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Videochat is King: Open Enrollment 2021
Videochat is King: Open Enrollment 2021

Videochat is King: Open Enrollment 2021

An open enrollment period is a preset time during which eligible employees and individuals can sign up for new health plans. Every year during this period, the nation’s health insurance agents and brokers roll up their sleeves and get to work pitching their plans to prospects looking to change their health plans.

But this year is different from any other in recent history. Covid-19 is upending the way we do business, disrupting widely accepted sales processes and forcing insurance agents to rethink their sales operations as open enrollment for 2021 approaches. 

Luckily for them, companies and sales teams around the world are thriving despite the stay at home orders keeping millions away from the office. The use of innovative video chat solutions that replicate -- and in some cases go beyond -- the advantages of face to face meetings has proven to be a highly successful tool for remote sales.

Here’s why:

  1.  You can develop a real relationship. With videochat you can benefit from many of the advantages of face to face meetings, like understanding non-vocal cues which can compose up to 93% of communication. Using videochat technology, it’s easy to quickly work through issues instead of getting caught up in tedious back and forth communication via email, for example. Some videochat providers -- like Consolto -- employ advanced screen sharing and file sharing capabilities which makes working through complex concepts in life insurance or guiding customers through complicated paperwork much, much easier.
  2. Reduces costs and increases productivity. Many sales professionals are reporting increased productivity with videochat. That goes double when it comes to the amount of meetings they hold as videochat eliminates wasted time caused by no shows. Cost reductions are also gained through reductions in travel expenses and expense accounts. Fast resolution of customer service and support issues is also a big cost saver.
  3. Increase sales. Today’s consumers want research, browse and purchase their insurance online. Video chat gives sales professionals an enhanced online presence where they can instantly meet prospects, answer questions and close deals. Consolto’s video chat offering makes it easy for prospects to reach out -- either via a website widget on the insurance agents website or through a dedicated personal page that you can send to clients to kick off interactions whenever they’re ready.
  4. Tech differentiator. When it comes to sales, it’s those unique differentiators between you and your competitors that makes or breaks a deal. Videochat is a powerful way to set yourself apart from competitors who haven’t evolved their digital presence beyond a basic website. Today’s consumers want insurance providers who are tech savvy and able to communicate with them on their own terms.

Consolto’s video chat solution gives insurance providers everything they need to sell their wares remotely. From 1-click video callss (without installing anything) to powerful in-call features like persistent messaging and simultaneous screen sharing, Consolto’s platform makes it easy to take your sales operation online. 

Consolto also offers advanced back office capabilities that add CRM functionality to your remote sales operations. Scheduling and office hours make it easy for your prospects and customers to set up meetings, even if you’re sleeping or away from your computer. File-sharing, call recording, in-chat voice and inbox messages along with customer profiling enable you to stay on top of every aspect of your client relationships.

In 2020 face to face sales meetings have been replaced by remote meetings via video chat. As Open Enrollment for 2021 approaches, you should ask yourself if you and your organization are ready to move your sales into the digital space. Because that’s where your prospects and customers are going to be when they look to update, change or replace their current health insurance plans.

Consolto’s innovative video chat solution was built with the needs of organizations like yours in mind. It enables companies of any size to benefit from all of the advantages of advanced CRM solutions and video chat technologies rolled up into one package.

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