A Little Customization Goes A Long Way: Customized Buttons
A Little Customization Goes A Long Way: Customized Buttons


When it comes to the subtle art of getting your online customers to take the actions you want, there’s nothing like a Call-to-Action (CTA) button to get the process moving. CTAs are buttons on your website that prompt the user to take a specific action. Some of the more common CTAs you’ll encounter on a website are ‘Sign up’, ‘Contact us’, ‘Buy now’ and ‘Add to cart’. Most CTAs lead to another page on the website that gives the user the option to take additional actions like adding credit card information or leaving personal details.

CTAs are great for pointing the user towards the actions you want them to take and for removing any friction or uncertainty. In many cases, if there’s no clear CTA then it’s likely that the user will leave the website without converting. For example, if you have a blog post with no clear CTA, then chances are the user will click away from your website after reading the post. But, if there are CTAs promoting other blog posts or leading to product pages related to the blog post, the user is more likely to continue engaging with the website.

Live Video Chat and CTAs

If you’re here, on the Consolto website, it’s more likely than not that you’re interested in live video chat. When used correctly, well designed and strategically placed CTAs will significantly boost the type of actions you’re looking to promote. In our case, that would be starting a live video chat interaction with you or one of your agents. 

There are lots of ways you can optimize your CTAs to achieve better metrics. However, when it comes to live video chat, things work a bit differently. Our work with numerous clients around the world has shown us that increasing the number of live video chat interactions that your website generates boils down to 2 major factors -- CTA placement and personalization. 

Consolto’s Custom CTA Buttons

Consolto’s live video chat platform includes a suite of highly customizable tools that were developed from the ground-up to help you achieve optimal results from your online business. Consolto’s customizable CTA buttons give you the option of adding fully customizable CTA buttons anywhere you like on your website. Customization options include design, size, color, text and placement. 

According to MarketingLand, the placement of your CTA buttons can make the difference between success and failure. Location matters, that’s for sure. The experts claim that you should use multiple  CTAs, not just one as the more CTAs you have the greater the chance that your user will convert. Not just that, but you should put CTAs on every page of your website so that you give users the opportunity to convert wherever they may be on your website. Last but not least, they say you should make CTAs super prominent. Prominently place your CTAs to receive maximum attention and focus. 

In the example below, you can see how one of our clients has implemented custom buttons on their website. Notice how each one of their staff members has a clear, centrally placed CTA button that encourages users to reach out to them. The CTA button is located right beneath the staff photo, so the user knows exactly who it is they’ll be reaching out to. 

But placement is only half the battle. The other half is won by great copy. The copy you place on your CTA is the last thing your user reads when deciding if they should convert, or click on to your competitors. That’s why you should make it count. Be clear and let the user understand the benefit they’ll gain by proceeding. 


CTA buttons are perhaps the most important element of your website. They are the critical elements that convince users to take desired actions like signing up for a demo, adding an item to their cart or kicking off a live video chat interaction with one of your agents. 

Consolto’s customizable buttons give you the option of customizing nearly every aspect of your CTA buttons. Choose to use multiple buttons on one screen, across every screen on your website. Personalize your CTA buttons with compelling copy that denotes the benefits of interacting with you via live chat.

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