Actionable Steps to Boost Your Remote Sales
Actionable Steps to Boost Your Remote Sales


Love it or hate it, remote selling looks like it’s here to stay. Research shows that remote selling use rose by a whopping 471% from 2019 to 2020. LinkedIn State of Sales Report 2020 clearly shows that virtual selling has broken through to the mainstream, with 81% of sales professionals confirming that they are doing more remote sales now than ever before. 

When you scratch a bit beneath the surface, the case for remote selling is compelling. Bain & Company’s survey on the subject reveals that:

  • 75% of buyers agree that virtual is as effective for selling complex products
  • 35% of respondents confirmed that they’ve either bought or sold products for more than $500,000 using exclusively remote channels

With so much going for remote selling, it’s no wonder that more and more companies are investing resources to ensure that their remote selling operations are a success. However, there is a darker side to remote selling; stories about the loneliness and challenges of remote work are showcased everywhere you look. HubSpot’s 2019 Remote Work Report shows that issues arising from faulty communication with co-workers, loneliness, and blurred lines between home and work.

Fortunately, there’s plenty of steps that you can take to ensure that your remote selling operation is performing at top levels while keeping the dark side at bay.

Tips to Enhance Remote Work Productivity

  1. Make a dedicated workspace. One way to ensure that the boundaries between work and home stay clear is to designate a specific area in your home for work. You can choose to deck out the guest room or reorganize your kitchen table, it matters not. So long as you remember that you only work when you’re at your workstation, you’ve already won half the battle.
  2. Socialize throughout the day. One way to keep the loneliness in check is to socialize during the day. Just because you’re working doesn’t mean you can’t network and chat with your co-workers. You did when you were in the office, right? Set up virtual coffee breaks, dedicated Slack channels for jokes and non-work related strings or just pick up the phone and call someone up, like you did in the good old days.
  3. Communicate your schedule.  When working from home, the people closest to you can become your greatest productivity killers. Whether you’re a parent with kids at home, single and living with roommates or just have lots of friends and family who enjoy dropping in on you at unexpected times, you’ve got to put up boundaries. Clearly communicate your schedule to your family and social circles so they know when you have important meetings and there’s no room for distractions. 
  4. Keep up appearances. We know how tempting it is to stay in your PJs all day long. We’ve been there. We also know the importance of keeping your spirits up and your motivation high. Dressing for success not only makes you look good in front of your coworkers, it has the added benefit of boosting your own self-worth when the days look especially grey. Remember, dress the way you want to be perceived. 

Navigating the challenges of working from home is super important, but it’s not the only key to success. Once you’ve gotten over the initial shock and are ready to start selling, mastering the art of selling is just as hard as it is from the office. Here’s some actionable tips that will help you close more sales. 

When on a call, always showcase the potential impact that the product you’re selling can deliver. Talk about the amazing results that your customers and clients have achieved with your product. Show them customer testimonials and follow up with case-studies that present details on how your products and services can help them grow and scale their business.

Display confidence by thinking about the sale as a done deal. Assuming that the sale has already been made makes it easier to achieve that reality. In any case, if they’re speaking with you, there’s a good chance that the prospect has already decided to buy your product. 

Use visuals to get your story across. Telling your story using visual-aids like whiteboards, presentations, videos or pictures presents your product in a new perspective, so that it’s easier for your prospect to understand its benefits and relate to the narrative of how it can improve their lives. 

Consolto Video Chat -- Made for Remote Sales

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Two-way screen sharing streamlines collaboration by delivering a powerful visual tool for presenting products, pictures and other important content. The communication center centralizes all of the info you need to stay on top of your processes. You can save notes about customers, recordings and other sales materials. Advanced scheduling helps you deliver greater responsiveness by making it easy for your customers and prospects to set up meetings with you, even if there’s no one manning the widget.

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